Hi! I'm Chris Ann!

I'm the Founder of the Yard Card Business Network. I've had my own yard greetings business, Flamingos 2 Go, for over two decades in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. In that time, I've learned so much between trial & error and also diving into being a student of quite a few business programs.

My goal is to help other yard card businesses uplevel & build more success. My mantra is we are always students. 

I have two awesome sons, ages 22 & 20, and an amazing husband of 23 years. 

What else do I love? My hobbies include learning more marketing & working on our business network. 

Hi! I'm Crystal!

I am our Marketing Assistant. I graduated in December 2020 from the University of Houston. I have my Bachelor of Business in marketing, with a minor in communications.

I've worked & helped build Yard Card Association from the beginning & I absolutely love being a part of creating this from the ground up.

My two career passions in life are marketing, because it brings out the creative in me and excellent communications, which give me the ability to share it with all of you!

I have two wonderful children, ages 3 & 5, and they are with me constantly while I work & got through school.

I also love the outdoors & creating fun designs with my Silhouette Cameo. 

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